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Three Issues Divorced Fathers Face

Aug. 7, 2018

Getting a divorce has long term repercussions on your professional and personal life. Divorce is one of the most expensive transactions the average person can expect to face over the course of his or her lifetime. A person with children faces additional challenges during a divorce, and there are three issues divorced fathers often face after a divorce is finalized. While not everyone will experience these issues, being aware of them may help you if you are a person with children who have recently gone through a divorce.


Men who are divorced and who have children that are not in their custody full-time are sometimes the victim of unfair stereotyping. The idea that non-custodial fathers are deadbeats has become ingrained in our society, and people who find out that a man has children who do not live with him may incorrectly assume that he does not properly support his children. This stereotype leads to some men being treated harshly by certain parts of the legal system. Even though there are some parents who are irresponsible and fail to properly support their children, it is unreasonable to treat all divorced fathers as if they are bad parents. Unfortunately, many fathers must fight an uphill battle to prove that they are not a stereotypical absent father.

Lack of Support

The idea that men are strong and do not emote in the same way that women do makes it difficult for men to receive adequate support after a divorce. The stress associated with a divorce can cause long-term physical and emotional health problems that decrease the life expectancy of the average man. Support groups and a strong personal network can help a person navigate the physical and emotional health problems that are caused by divorce, but it is harder for men to access help in that form. Men struggle with the stigma associated with showing oneself as emotionally vulnerable along with the tendency to shut down emotionally following a traumatic or stressful event.

System Stacked Against Them

While the idea of joint parenting has become more popular in recent years, men must still face a system that often seems to be stacked against them. Fathers are less likely to get custody of their minor children and even those with custody rarely get child support. Since fathers are more likely to pay child support they must deal with child support enforcement agencies that in many cases are hostile towards them.

An Attorney You Can Trust

In the middle of a stressful or complicated divorce, it is important that you turn to a divorce attorney you can trust to protect your rights. The lawyer you choose must be able to help you achieve a fair settlement that allows you to be in your child’s life. The team at Hunter Morris Attorney at Law understands how difficult your situation is and we work with you to get things resolved in a timely manner. With a conveniently located Greenville office, we are here when you are ready to discuss your case and get answers to your legal questions. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation today so that we can begin providing you with the assistance you need.