Wrongful Death Lawyer

What is wrongful death?

A wrongful death arises when someone dies as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.

Family members have to deal not only with a loved one’s death, but also with the loss of emotional and financial support as they are left trying to put their lives back together.

Some of the ways a wrongful death can arise include:

A wrongful death claim can generally be filed by the spouse or surviving children of the deceased person.

Damages (award, typically money, to be paid to a person as compensation for loss or injury) include medical and funeral expenses on behalf of the deceased person, as well as future earnings that the deceased person would have earned and pain and suffering by those family members left behind.

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We want to be able to handle your case with sensitivity and care. Our goal is to ease the pain of loss as much as possible by returning as much compensation to you and your family for grievances. The most important thing to remember when filing for Wrongful Death when you’ve lost a loved one is not to delay in filing the case. Wrongful Death files must be submitted within three years of the unfortunate incident. The sooner you file in relation to the death of your loved one, the easier it will be for a wrongful death lawyer to claim justice for your loved one.

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