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Defective Products Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina

Defective Product Attorney

Product defects are often the result of deficient design, manufacturing errors and even poorly written instructions and user manuals.

Consumers purchase products expecting those products to be safe.

Fight Against Big Corporations

When Products are Defective, Innocent People Can Be Injured. You May Have Been Injured by a Defective Product If:

  • You were injured because of a defective drug prescribed to you.

  • You were injured by an appliance or piece of machinery that did not operate properly.

  • You were injured by defective equipment in a public place like an escalator, playground equipment or elevator.

  • You were injured by construction products such as asbestos insulation or lead paint.

  • You were injured by a defective product you purchased such as a car or truck, or tires on a vehicle.

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