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Tips for Preserving Slip and Fall Evidence

April 5, 2018

Slip and fall-related injuries are one of the most expensive types of injuries that occur in the United States. A person who is injured after falling at a premise can expect to lose wages and spend a large amount of money on medical costs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that the annual hospital costs associated with slip and falls are over $22 billion. Evidence related to a slip and fall is crucial to a case since it often establishes negligence or proves that the injury occurred at the place of business. If you or someone close to you is hurt, keeping these tips for preserving slip and fall evidence in mind may increase your chances of winning your case.

Record Video and Obtain Photographs

Technological advances have played a crucial role in preserving evidence related to premises liability claims. In the past, victims were at the mercy of the company sometimes having to fight for access to video surveillance or deal with claims that tapes recording vital seconds were missing or damaged. Now anyone with a mobile phone or tablet can take photos or videos of the area where they fell. This recorded documentation creates proof that the accident occurred, shows where the accident occurred, and allows others to see the conditions that led to the injury.

Get Witness Information

The statement of a third-party witness can drastically improve your chances of obtaining a fair settlement after your slip and fall. A neutral person who verifies that the incident occurs the way you described can help you avoid being accused of filing a fraudulent claim and potentially speed up the entire claim process. Have a friend or family member get the names, telephone number, email addresses, or social media contact information for anyone you believe witnessed your injury. If possible, ask them to write down what they saw happen and email or text the information to you to avoid any crucial details being forgotten over time.

Call an Ambulance

In many slips and falls, the police are not involved, meaning there is no police report documenting that the accident occurred. However, a report written by an ambulance driver or paramedic is a good alternative to a traditional police report. Also, it is a good idea to insist on medical treatment since it is often difficult to determine how serious an injury is immediately after falling. Calling emergency services is usually the fastest way to obtain medical treatment.

Contact an Attorney

After you or someone close to you is injured because of premises liability, it is best to contact an attorney immediately. An attorney can visit the property and begin obtaining evidence on your behalf. He or she can also make sure any evidence you have obtained on your own is preserved so that it can be utilized correctly throughout your claim. The team at Hunter W. Morris, Attorney at Law is here to provide you with the slip and fall representation you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our Greenville, South Carolina location so that we can begin providing you with the help you deserve.